Pushing the River



There is a perception that Taylor Hall is a possession monster and he’s among the top players in the league.

This is nonsense.

Hall had a season where he was involved in almost every goal the Oilers scored last season but that was a chimera.

The Oilers just won an overtime game against Washington, a game in which Hall had zero points and 2 shots on goal.

On the same night, the Dallas Stars dropped a 3-1 decision to the Boston Bruins…a game in which Tyler Seguin had NINE shots on goal not including 2 hit goalposts.

On the season, Hall has 123 SOG while Seguin has 192.

This isn’t a trivial number folks.

Going into the All Star break…Seguin has 52 points while Hall has 29.

Seguin has 28 goals and Hall has 11.

Memo to MacT: Sell high.




4 thoughts on “Pushing the River

  1. I wonder what a realistic package for Hall would look like? Cbj got a decent haul for Nash, but he had won Rocket Richard trophy by that point…


  2. I have no faith MacTavish could trade Hall for the pieces nessessary to re-build this roster.

    Hall’s body language say enough.

    It has to be a pretty god damn good return if they do trade him.

    I’d personally like to see a Simmonds, Couturier and Del Zotto deal for Hall.


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