Good Grief


Oilers fans are getting woodies thinking they they can get players like Sami Vatanen, Jared Spurgeon, Lars Eller and Brendan Gallager for a bunch of junk.

It isn’t going to happen.

There will be a long line of teams willing to buck up for Vatanen if he hits the market. Spurgeon is a pipe dream failing a massive overpay and the Habs don’t need anything the Oilers have to offer.

As we’ve mentioned repeatedly,(for about 4 seasons) The Oilers need TWO top pairing defensemen and the only way to accomplish that is to start dealing wingers for top pairing D.

There is no other option.

There is some support for signing Jason Demers as a top pairing RH D but he has never played that role and, let’s be honest, he has 29 other potential destinations. The odds of him signing with the Oilers is less than 10%.

Tyson Barrie is also a pipe dream unless the Oilers are willing to send their #4 pick and a young D prospect to Colorado for the rights to Barrie.

Jared Spurgeon? The Wild will want RNH and a high draft pick.

The Oilers are now facing the realty of their dreadful draft record where they continued pick wingers over D when they had an opportunity to select D but decided to go with stiffs like Pajaarvi and Yakupov.

You can’t get there from here.









12 thoughts on “Good Grief

  1. Agreed, Oilers are a mess, save McDavid.

    Issue is that their organizational depth for scoring wingers is also garbage. They better hope they get Demers or that another defenseman takes a big step forward – unlikely.


    1. Yep.

      Demers is likely the best they can do and he’s is hardly a saviour despite being a very good player. He would be third pairing in Dallas next season.

      You have to give to get and the most attractive asset is Taylor Hall.

      Time to face the music.


  2. Taylor could be traded but then what does left wing look like? I would first try and upgrade the D without the Hall move. It would be helpful if Captain McDavid has a maturing Hall to take on some of the tough competition. My opinion is to keep Hall. His upside is Seguin once the defense is fixed. I find my upgraded D another way.


  3. Sure. Nurse, #4 overall, Eberle, Nuge, could all be in play to acquire a top D – Man as required if PC decides that’s the way to go. I don’t trade Hall because other than McDavid he’s the only other player, in my opinion that has the real potential to be a difference maker 5 vs 5.

    Why do you have a Hard On for trading Hall? Is it so you can say “I told you so” to all the folks on the Lowetide blog?

    Don’t you agree that Hall is the second best forward on the team? And that his speed on the rush, and scoring ability, mean that the oposition has two high octane forwards to worry about?


      1. No, Hall is not Kessel.

        However, the Oilers at LW are stocked but it doesn’t mean Hall has to be the one traded.

        The Oilers Have.

        Pouliot to trade ( underrated player)
        They have this years first and next years first
        They have three very good L side D-man and two prospects that could yield a potential number one on there own ( given the cap hell of some teams)
        The have anyone not named McDavid.

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Oilers will end up moving Nurse and Rienhart as part of a package.

        The most likely player to be moved will still be Eberle but don’t be surprised if Nurse is not part of that movement.

        Let’s not forget Hall could very well be moved, but if he is moved….then I’d bet Lucic has already agreed to become an Oiler.

        Hall doesn’t get traded unless someone’s there to slide into that spot.


  4. I put Hall in the same category as Seguin, with the only difference being that Hall has been playing with the worst team in the NHL since he entered the league.

    Which defenseman would Jim Nill trade Seguin for? Start there, and that will give you an idea of the defenseman that would need to be coming back before I send away Taylor Hall.


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