Hall in Freefall

Taylor Hall2

If you’ve been following along, you will know that I predicted a couple of months ago that Taylor Hall would drop out of the top 20 in scoring in the NHL.

Well…that has come to pass as linemate Leon Draisaitl’s shooting percentage has dropped from 33.3% to 14% with an anchor.

Who could have seen that coming 🙂

The facts of the matter are even worse than they appear.

Adjusting for games played and games missed due to injury, Hall is currently 41st in the league in P/GP and will likely soon drop out of the top 50.

Since Hall (other than gaming Corsi) has no other redeeming value, other than scoring, one has to wonder why Oiler fans, like Lowetide and his disciples cling to the notion that Hall is a difference maker when the evidence is very clear that he is not.

Here is just a sample:

March 15, 2016 at 8:00 pm
How anyone, anyone, can look at this team and decide Taylor freaking Hall is the problem is incomprehensible.
Stealing from Woodguy’s excellent tweets a couple days ago:
“Oilers goal share with Taylor on the ice = 51.76%
Without Taylor on the ice = 38.62%
That’s leading by example”
The Kiltymcbagpipes argument reposted above admits Hall’s offensive numbers are very good and then proceeds to say he’s really not that good offensively. Yes he scores a bunch, and when he’s on the ice more good things happen than bad. Yes, he’s done this with crap all when it comes to a blueline behind him. Yes.
But he’s the problem.

Hall is apparently able to outscore his dreadful Oiler team mates but when it comes time to actually go up against elite players he folds like a cheap Taiwanese lawn chair.

Remember he is 41st in P/GP this season.

Also worth noting is that his own head coach, Todd McLellan, has been cutting back his ice time in recent games likely due his lack of production.

In his last game against Nashville, Hall played only 15:50.

McDavid 23:22

Eberle 21:48

Nugent-Hopkins 19:18

Maroon 17:44

Draisailt 16:25

Hall 15:50

Considering Hall led the team with 2:41 minutes of PP time, it’s obvious his coach is slashing his time at even strength.

I told you several years ago that Taylor Hall was a Phil Kessel clone and that is becoming more apparent daily.

Those thinking he should be included on the World Cup roster should acquaint themselves with Brad Marchand.







5 thoughts on “Hall in Freefall

  1. What’s in a free fall is your Canucks. 3 and 7 in their last ten, and they now sit tied with the Flames at 66 Points. And when one looks at goal differential it’s an even worse story for fans on the Left Coast, with Vancouver at -35, and the Flames at -26.

    Dismal performance, and the rebuild hasn’t even truly begun. When the twins retire in two years you’d be well advised to take up cheering for the local MLS team.


  2. The Canucks committed to a rebuild months ago when they sent out their veterans and stated playing all their kids.

    Last night they had 11 players under the age of 24 in their lineup with more to come and they could easily have won the game since they outshot the Oilers by a wide margin.

    They will need to replace the Sedins in 2 more seasons but with a couple of high draft choices and a ton of cap space coming up, they should be able to turn things around fairly quickly and not need more than a decade to get better.

    BTW, I don’t live in Vancouver.


  3. I know, you live on the Island. How is retiring on Vancouver Island? I imagine it’s lovely. You’ve very much enjoyed poking fun at Oilers fans, and I find it quite fitting to poke fun back now that the Canucks are entering their own rebuild. And in the past you’ve been clever in not stating a team you cheer for (who can make fun of the guy that jumps from one bandwagon to another), but when you bet on your home province Canucks to make the playoffs this year……well, that was just perfect.

    I hope you know it’s all in good fun.

    P.S. The Oilers are the Suckiest, Sucks who ever Sucked, and Katz is a crook. I plan to cheer against my home town Oilers for as long as Katz owns the team. It’s disgusting that the Oilers were awarded Connor, what a polite, hard working, young man.

    What’s truly amazing about Oiler fans is that they’re genuinely surprised that the media, and fans in other cities despise the Hockey team. I’m a long time fan, and even i can’t cheer for this circus.


  4. Top Left Wingers Scoring Rates at 5X5 on the Road (this should be the hardest hockey they play) since Jan 1 or since Taylor Hall started sucking.

    Artemi.Panarin 2.0
    Alex.Ovechkin 1.6
    Johnny.Gaudreau 0.5
    Jamie.Benn 0.9
    Taylor.Hall 1.9

    Hall is more productive than Benn, Ovechkin and Gaudreau so I guess they suck too on the road at even strength.

    How about both home and away

    Artemi.Panarin 2.0
    Alex.Ovechkin 1.9
    Johnny.Gaudreau 2.2
    Jamie.Benn 1.6
    Taylor.Hall 1.8

    Hall sucks slightly less than Ovechkin but better than Benn. Benn sucks something awful. Benn is basically Phil Kessel.

    How about all season long

    p/60 and Corsi
    Artemi.Panarin 2.0 53.0
    Alex.Ovechkin 2.0 52.9
    Johnny.Gaudreau 2.3 48.8
    Jamie.Benn 2.3 54.5
    Taylor.Hall 2.3 51.3

    Not sure who sucks now but since they all match or are less than Taylor Hall they must all suck (included Corsi just in case).

    There really analysis is in the powerplay numbers, which for whatever reason Hall is struggling

    Artemi.Panarin 5.2
    Alex.Ovechkin 4.2
    Johnny.Gaudreau 4.1
    Jamie.Benn 6.3
    Taylor.Hall 2.8

    Taylor sucks on the powerplay…well the last two season he has sucked or regressed since his second year. Either way he is worthless hockey and should be sent to the minors. Trade him, get someone better because there are soooo many left wingers better than him. Worst hockey player ever. Proven.

    Taylor.Hall 2015.16 2.8
    Taylor.Hall 2014.15 2.7
    Taylor.Hall 2013.14 4.4
    Taylor.Hall 2012.13 5.9
    Taylor.Hall 2011.12 6.9
    Taylor.Hall 2010.11 2.8


  5. I have to disagree with your claim that Bo Horvat is a better player than Taylor Hall despite how well Horvat has done this year (see plus/minus for reference).

    However, I do support your decision to not publish another post until your Canucks are in last place in the NHL standings. Finishing last would be very impressive considering they’d have to out suck the Edmonton Oilers, the suckiest sucks who ever sucked.


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