And…Here We Go!


In a just a few hours, the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators will kick off the NHL’s 100th season.

More than ever before, this season will be exemplified by a bevy of young guns under the employ of the Leafs, the Oilers, Flames and especially the Carolina Hurricanes.

I haven’t been around for all those seasons but have to say I’ve been a fan since before games were televised and, hopefully, will be around for a few more.

The game has changed tremendously over the decades and I have to say its current iteration featuring skill and speed as witnessed at the recent World Cup has me salivating for the upcoming games despite the insistence of coaching systems that are determined to slow the game to a crawl. Hopeful, the success of the Penguins last season will rub off on those who yearn to win by preaching safe, boring defensive hockey. We’ll soon see.

The Battle of Alberta

To me, as an almost life long Albertan, the greatest intrigue this season will be the relative ascendance of the two Alberta teams that are rising from the ashes of the past decade of ineptitude and failure.

Of course, the Edmonton Oilers have been re-building for almost an entire decade while the Calgary Flames have made a much quicker turnaround under Brian Burke and Brad Treleving.

Going into the season, it’s pretty easy to see that the renaissance in Calgary has been more successful despite the Oilers having a string of #1 picks and, while you can debate the relative merits of the forward corps on each team, the Flames are clearly better on the back end and, with even league average goaltending, should make an aggressive move up the standings.

But, I think it prudent to question whether the Oilers’ forward group is better than the Flames…I don’t think it is.

Here is the Flames’ announced forward group for tonight’s game:

I’ve seen a couple of Tweets today (from Oiler fans) suggesting that second line will get killed by the Oilers but, if we can agree the Oilers/Flames top lines are pretty much a saw off and remember that Brouwer, situationally, can move up to the top line, I don’t think the Oilers second line of Pouliot-Hopkins-Kassian is clearly superior.

In fact, I’m expecting Sam Bennett to break out in a big way this season after an 18G 18A season….I’m thinking 25G and 30A should be reasonable with the two gig wingers he’ll be playing with.

Brouwer should be good for at least 20 now that he’s getting second line minutes with skill and Tkachuk, who was superb in pre-season creates a huge net front presence that will also help Bennett.

Farther down the lineup, The Flames third group is built on two veterans who bring a very strong two way game, something that Maroon-Draisaitl-Puljujarvi will have a tough time with.

While fourth lines don’t make a huge difference in any game, The Flames group is clearly superior to Pitlick-Letestu-Slepshyev in experience.

The Back End

Calgary’s new coach is trying some unusual pairings for tonight’s game…splitting up Giordano, Brodie and Hamilton to carry Wideman, Engelland and newly-signed Niklas Grossman but I doubt that approach lasts all that long and he has the option of re-uniting his top D at any time.

What we really need to remember here is that the Flames D will be very much involved in the offensive side of the game, something the Oilers have little or no answer for.

In goal…Cam Talbot has a decent first season with the Oilers but he;s playing without a safety net while the Flames have added last season’s top goaltender by save percentage as well as a capable NHL quality backup.

How Brian Elliot adapts to a new team will be critical for the Flames this season but even if he performs at career average, the Flames should take a big step up the standings.

A Bold Prediction

I have the Calgary Flames going on a huge run this season…finishing second in the Pacific Division with the potential for a long playoff run.

I think both Anaheim and Los Angeles will falter somewhat allowing the Flames to move in behind the Sharks in second spot.

Which of the Ducks or Kings gets bumped will likely depend on luck and/or injury but the signs of a small regression are there.

Another Bold Prediction

The Edmonton Oilers are going into another season with dreadful depth in key positions and almost any injury could sink their season again.

If any of  McDavid, Eberle, Hopkins, Klefbom or Talbot missed any significant time due to injury, they just don’t have the horses to replace them.

Considering that pretty much every one of those players has a significant injury history, a prudent bettor wouldn’t count of them all being around all season.

I think you’ll see the Oilers and Canucks scrambling to stay out of last place in the Pacific Division and the Western Conference as all of Colorado, Arizona and Winnipeg finish ahead of them.

For the Canucks to prevail, they, like the Oilers, need everything to go right this season and, if experience teaches us anything, it seldom does.

So, for Shits and Giggles…



  1. Chicago
  2. Dallas
  3. Nashville
  4. St. Louis
  5. San Jose
  6. Calgary
  7. Minnesota
  8. Anaheim
  9. Winnipeg
  10. Los Angeles
  11. Colorado
  12. Arizona
  13. Vancouver
  14. Edmonton

You’re welcome




9 thoughts on “And…Here We Go!

  1. Welcome back!

    I got to admit, I agree with a lot of what you say about the Oilers, not so much with the Flames.

    I’d like add that the second line including Hopkins and Draisaitl will see a significant drop in production due to Hall.

    I’m still pissed they traded Hall and still think Chiarreli panicked.

    Also, if you believe some of the MSM out there the Oilers passed on both Trouba and Subban for far less than Larsson, and I believe both would be an upgrade on Larsson.
    Time will tell.

    As for the Flames, there in deep shit!

    Not only did the Oilers expose the foot speed (minus Brodie) of the Flames Dmen, they repeatedly exposed Monahan foot speed as well as Tkachuk’s

    Maybe it was just the Oilers? Nope, Van city did it the next night as well, the Flames got a bettman point and never score a freaking goal.

    That Gio contract has to go, the NHL is changing as you mentioned in the article and the Flames are slow at the spot you cannot be slow at.



    Done? nope


    Just lol.


  3. Nice predictions, chief.

    McDavid + Lucic + Eberle = Monahan + Gaudreau + Versteeg??? What are you smoking?
    McDavid >>> any player on Flames 1st line (comparable pt production to the entire line), Eberle > Versteeg, and Lucic is proving himself more effective than Gaudreau thus far.


  4. 1 (6) Minnesota Wild
    2 (1) Chicago Blackhawks
    3 (8) Anaheim Ducks
    4 (5) San Jose Sharks
    5 (14) Edmonton Oilers
    6 (3) Nashville Predator
    7 (4) St. Louis Blues
    8 (6) Calgary Flames
    9 (13) Vancouver Canucks
    10 (10) Los Angeles Kings
    11 (9) Winnipeg Jets
    12 (2) Dallas Stars
    13 (12) Arizona Coyotes
    14 (11) Colorado Avalanche

    Not bad so far. Nailing LA, 7 for 8 on playoff teams. Just two big misses Edmonton and Dallas


  5. Tough season for you hey?! LMAO

    Minnesota 47 31 11 5 67
    Chicago 50 30 15 5 65
    San Jose 49 31 16 2 64
    Anaheim 51 27 15 9 63

    !!Edmonton 50 27 15 8 62!!

    Nashville 48 23 17 8 54
    St. Louis 48 24 19 5 53
    Vancouver 49 23 20 6 52
    Calgary 51 24 24 3 51
    Los Angeles 48 23 21 4 50
    Dallas 49 19 20 10 48 19
    Winnipeg 51 22 25 4 48
    Arizona 47 15 26 6 36
    Colorado 46 13 31 2 28


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