The Calgary Flames

I’m old.

Very old.

I grew up in a time when there was only the “Original 6” in the NHL which isn’t actually accurate but makes a point.

As a child, I grew up hating the Montreal Canadiens because they were so dominant and their management was so successful in screwing the league’s procurement process that they were always going to win.

I was immediately attracted to the Orr/Esposito Bruins because I thought they had a chance to slay the dragon which they eventually did but as a western Canadian boy I gravitated to the Vancouver Canucks when they joined the league in 1970.

They were my “local” team although I lived in Cold Lake Alberta at the time but I would stay up late listening to their games on my Sony Transistor radio long into the night, hoping Orland Kurtenbach would lead them glory.

That never happened but in 1979 the Edmonton Oilers joined the NHL and I immediately adopted them as my team since  they were local and somewhat close.

Upon moving to Edmonton in the early 80’s, I became a season ticket holder and was fortunate to witness the Oilers glory years that ensued but by the mid 90’s had become so disillusioned with the product and the prices the team was charging for shit, I gave up my tickets, although not my affinity.

Throughout this period, I held a pretty determined aversion to the Calgary Flames since they were an easy identified enemy but, for fucks sakes,  this is now a team to be admired.

While the Oilers continue their failed “rebuild”, the Flames go out every night, work their bags off and get rewarded.

I’ve never seen a team more limited in their “potential” who go out every night and do all the right things to win.

Anyone who loves hockey should watch this team and pay homage.

What a team!



2 thoughts on “The Calgary Flames

  1. My thoughts exactly as I was watching them come back against the Ducks. After 34 yrs. of hate for them, all I can do is admire the way they play the game. What a contrast to the dumpster fire that we have endured for the last nine years.


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