Big Boy Hockey

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Scoring goals is the hardest skill in the NHL.

The 20 players you see here are the best of the best.

Patrick Kane is having an obscene season and is easily the league MVP but, when you look at overall points, Erik Karlsson is making a case.

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Then, when we look at the top 20 NHL players as selected by TSN’s poll of the best 20 players, we see that some defensemen and goaltenders sneak into the conversation.

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I don’t have too many arguments here except that Sidney Crosby will rocket up these standings as his renaissance (8 goals and 18 points in his last 10GP) gathers steam.

You’ll notice that Chicago has 4 players in the top 20 and that likely explains why they are  the best team in the dominant WC and Washington has 3.

Taylor Hall, among a huge number of 1st overall draft picks for the Oilers, is barely hanging on with the Big Boys and will drop out of this ranking in short order.

A team that has drafted 1st overall as many times as the Oilers and have 1 player on the verge of not being in the top 20 in the league is a massive fail.




18 thoughts on “Big Boy Hockey

  1. The Oilers have Connor McDavid. The most coveted player in the league.

    It’s a shame and a disgrace buts it’s true. Katz and his friends, I mean management team, don’t deserve him.


    1. Lol, what!! Oh I forget that’s when the Canucks sign him to a one million dollar offer sheet that goes unmatched.
      The future revolves around McDavid and Draisatl.


      1. Hey, love this plan. I’m sure Oilers will pay, but I wonder what premium for living in Edmonton. It’s a nice city, but New York, Chicago, LA it ain’t. I personally think McDavid s time in Edmonton will be brief. He will lose to much money playing there


        1. I think it’s an open secret that McDavid was not happy he was drafted by the Oilers.

          I also think a phone call from Gary Bettman and/or Bobby Orr forced Katz’ hand to finally replace the Lowe/McTavish gong show or there may have been post draft consequences.

          But, if the Oilers remain one of the worst teams in the league for the duration of McDavid’s entry level contract, I think negotiations on his next deal will be very difficult (read expensive) and, if I am GM of a competing team I would be preparing a maxed out offer sheet as soon as possible.

          I’m sure the Oilers would match almost any offer, but the opposition could destroy the Oilers salary structure with the stroke of a pen.

          And, if I’m Bobby Orr, knowing how much McDavid would benefit by playing in a bigger market (and how much that would benefit the league overall, I wouldn’t go anywhere near an extension until the last possible minutes.

          In other words, the Oilers window to win is the next 2 years or they may have to dismantle the young core.

          To me, the best approach would be a pre-emptive strike and move some of the core now for defensemen who could at least get the Oilers into the playoffs.

          Messing around with mediocrity for another 2 years could be fatal.


  2. As soon as McDavid signs his second contract the Oilers “rebuild” is done.

    The team will be so top heavy with overpaid forwards, they will be forced to start selling the farm.

    When they need to add TWO top pairing defensemen to be competitive, they will have nothing left to pay the likes of Hall, Hopkins, Eberle or Yakupov.

    Their window to win is two seasons and they’re not even close.

    If you think Draisaitl is the second coming you may be in for a huge shock.


  3. Do You think Chiarreli is stupid?

    McDavid’s parents and McDavid himself has NEVER said that he was upset and there is zero evidence to that, Disputes the fact there is eveidence that McDavid would never be that guy who would say No to a team that drafted him.

    Even though people like you thought he’d say no to Erie or Edmonton.

    Every fan in Edmonton knows they have to cut salary, but if Chai can make a trade or two then the Oilers are fine cap wise.

    This whole article reeks of eastern bias, and almost every media personel said the same shit in your post.

    Let it go, at least fans in T.O have turned there attention to Stamkos .

    After this summer the Oilers roster will almost be set, book that shit.

    Next season the Oilers are a playoff team.

    How’s Johnny hockey doing? Seems like the kid has some growing up to do.


      1. I wouldn’t put any of that on Chiarelli.

        I look at it as Neely interfered and wanted his own guy in, and is most likely the person most responsible.

        During Chia’s numerous pressers the most telling was Seguin, when he stated his hands were tied on that deal, if it were up to him he wouldn’t have traded him.

        Yes, he did overpay for Reinhart but got Talbot cheaper then expected, IMO had to overpay a little for Sekera to save the defence.

        As for his acumen, he traded a rebuilt the Bruins in two seasons by making some amazing deals.

        I think that should have some credibility.


  4. If the Oilers throw in a draft pick they may be able to trade McDavid for Horvat before they have the unfortunate problem of having to pay the next generational player.

    Think the Oilers can pry Horvat away from your home town Canucks?


    1. Don’t worry. When and if McDavid becomes generational, the oilers will not be a factor. I’m a Nucks fan and I know it sounds like envy, bitterness etc.. I just don’t see McDavid spending his best years in Edmonton. It would cost him tens of millions no matter what the Oilers paid him. Time will tell though


      1. @ Nuckles

        Thats the most irrelevant comment ever.

        None of what you said is close to being accurate or even has a semblance of an actual argument, your whole post is pie in the sky wishful thinking from a bitter Canucks fan.

        Look, I’m sorry the Canucks missed yet another window for a championship yet again, but when you do post, have some facts to back your illogical post up, it makes it better for everyone to have an actual conversation or even a good debate where everyone can learn something.

        Your post comes off like blah blah blah Oilers suck, blah blah blah Conner McDavid .

        Be better.


        1. Well, I’ll admit there is no facts to state, so perhaps it’s pointless to speculate about McDavid moving on.
          How do you feel about this captain talk? Annoyingly there can be no denying that he’s the real deal. Oilers seem to wreck everyone they get, I would think the captaincy after a 40 game regarding season would be following in the past lost decades footsteps.


          1. Who would you be talking about after 40 games of past lore?

            I know of no player on the Oilers past or present who have been granted such a title?

            On the other hand we have a absent minded organization who made a fucking goalie captain, who couldn’t captain on the ice and was subsequently traded for magic beans along with his equally outstanding side kick for more magic beans.


  5. My bad. It should have said 40 game rookie season. Oilers will rush McDavid into the captaincy this summer ( I hear).
    Luongo was a strange choice I agree, and was admitted by management. Trading him was never really understood by me. Especially when we got Miller shortly after. As for Schneider, I didn’t mind that one. Especially since we lucked out pickin Bo with that pick.
    But as for oilers, rushing young players into situations where they thrown into the deepend is pretty much an organizational rule. Macdavid will be a captain for sure. Only the Oilers would name him one 44 games into his career…


  6. Bo Horvat was minus 2 against the Leafs and now sits at a league worst minus 25. LEAGUE WORST.

    This is not the way to develop a player. Shelter him or send him to the AHL.


  7. The Canucks really don’t have much choice.

    Horvat is the only centre that can win face-offs while Sutter is on the shelf and Henrik still not fully recovered from injury.

    Horvat is getting buried in defensive zone starts and is understandably have some issues since he’s being forced to play a role that is pretty tough for a youngster.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about his development or his plus/minus under the circumstances.


  8. I disagree. The Canucks other option would be to have another more experienced Center take on the tough assignments. Throwing a young player into the deep end is not a plan for success, and good organizations do not do this.

    I feel the same about the Oilers, and Darnell Nurse. Like Horvat he should be sheltered or better yet in the AHL. And if either team doesn’t have a better option than that’s poor management.


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