Big Boy Hockey

As we round the corner into the 2016 Honda NHL All-Star Game and toward the homestretch of the season, who has the inside track for the Stanley Cup?

A look behind the numbers can identify the top teams, and what each needs to do in order to set itself apart from the pack.

Based on the average of three different statistical models, the Washington Capitals have a 29.9 percent chance of winning the Stanley Cup for the first time in their history. Their primary weapons are strong goaltending and the NHL’s best power play, but they could be vulnerable with regards to puck possession.

Rob Vollman has a great article up on which assesses the chances of winning a cup this season.


Those are the 4 teams I think will be in the running and it’s likely goaltending or injuries will be the deciding factor.

Thing is, the 3 WC teams have to get past each other which, of course, gives the Caps a huge advantage.

Remember when the Stars were worse than the Oilers?

Jim Nill is a genius.


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