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Ladies and Gentlemen…Jamie Benn

Anyone who watched the Dallas Stars dismantle the Montreal Canadiens last night should have taken note of how Jamie Benn can absolutely dominate a game.

I was hoping to post a video of the Stars goal that saw Benn crush Jeff Petry on the boards, take away the puck and within seconds it was in the back of the net but alas could not find a version to embed here. However you can see the play here:

(Click on the 4th Dallas goal scored by Tyler Seguin)

That’s a Hart Trophy worthy performance (among many) that Benn has produced this season.

With a 3 point performance last night, Benn leads the league in goals with 22 and is only 4 points back of Patrick Kane for the overall points lead with Benn holding a game in hand.

Amazingly, Benn is on pace for 55 goals and 109 points.

Sean Monahan

I have a bet with GMoney of Oilers Nerd Alert fame that Sean Monahan’s shooting percentage may be his established level of ability.

1. On the reversion of Sean Monahan’s shooting percentage, with dashingsilverfox:

DSF wins if Monahans sh% is > 12% next year (2015-2016 season), minimum 40 games played (DSF to verify this last point in case he remembers different).

I win if Monahans sh% is 12% or less.

Terms: One bottle of 10 y.o. Talisker vs two bottles of Osoyoos Larose, shipped or ready for pickup to the others locale.

I thought, since we’re getting close to the 40 game threshold, that now would be a good time to look at how the young Calgary centre is doing thus far.


2013/14 15.7

2014/15 16.2

2015/16 15.8


That career percentage is after 188 games played so, like I said, I think we know 2 things here…Monahan is one of the rare players who can score at this level and, more importantly, I love me some Talisker 🙂

Gimme Shelter

Taylor Hall, as I pointed out a week ago, much to the chagrin of some, has trouble scoring on the road which was confirmed again this week.

Hall had just 2 points on the just concluded 4 game road trip and has 12 points in 19 (.631 PPG) road games this season.

Also of note is the performance of Leon Draisaitl whose shooting percentage has predictably fallen from 33% to 18% and will likely continue to do so affecting both his own totals and those of Hall.

The Pacific Triangle

LAK .656

SJS .515

ARZ .500

CAL .485

VCR .471

ANA .468

EDM .441

There’s not likely to be much, if any, movement in the standings before the new year although I would keep an eye on both Anaheim and Arizona both of which have multiple games in hand on the others.








8 thoughts on “Snap Shots

  1. I agree, any other goalie Hall gets at least two points with those chances he had.

    Alas, he ran into a goalie who could have stopped a bb in that Col game.

    I will say this, Halls three points tonight were great but the Oilers got tossed around tonight, that defence is terrible.

    That Schultz goal was nice, however, I dont think he’s in NHL in two years.


  2. No question Benn is a terrific player although making a projection of 55 goals with his current shooting percentage of 21% means hitting that projection is pretty low probability (not impossible just unlikely). There’s a lot of other evidence that Benn is pretty good – not sure why you picked something so weak…

    Note: Benn being a terrific winger does not preclude Hall being one as well. Hall is an excellent player having a terrific year. Clearly one of the best wingers in the league. Not sure why it’s seemingly such a big deal…


  3. Come on Andrew…..

    Hall is in the Benn/Seguin league he’s 4th in scoring and right behind both those players.

    Hall is pushing the Oilers along just as is Benn/Seguin do with the Stars this is what elite players do.

    I realize Hall is going to have some bad advance stats because he plays on a bad defensive team

    I still would like to smack Halls face up against the glass, but my eyes are open, and I except that I dislike the person but not the player.

    Gaudreau is also begrudgingly a good player but I hesitate to call him elite yet.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours and have a safe and happy New Years!

    To be continued…….


    1. I don’t think you realize how dominant Benn has become. Not only is he an elite defensive player and penalty killer but he is the best scorer in the league over an extended period.

      Travis Yost threw up these numbers on this morning:

      “101 — The number of points Jamie Benn of the Dallas Stars has scored in 81 games since Jan. 1. That’s an average of 1.25 points per game, better than the 1.06 points-per-game output that earned him the Art Ross Trophy for the 2014-15 season.

      Benn also led the League with eight shorthanded points in 2015, and his 46 goals ranked second to Ovechkin’s 57.”

      He is in fact being compared to Eric Lindros and I think I have to agree with that.

      While Taylor Hall is certainly a very good player, he does not kill penalties, is average at best defensively and lacks the size and physical play of Benn.

      Benn separates players from the puck while Hall is usually separated from the puck.

      Benn leads the Stars with 73 hits while Hall sits at 38.

      Benn is on pace for 52 goals…Hall is on pace for 35.

      Benn is on pace for 108 points…Hall is on pace for 91 points.

      Taken all together, Benn is clearly in another tier.

      Hall may be close to Seguin in some areas but Seguin is a better scorer, is much better defensively and is among the best in the league at zone entries.


  4. I agree, Benn is dominate, I don’t dispute that but your missing out on a few things Hall does that I’m not sure you’re not appreciating Hall for.

    1) Hall and Seguin have almost identical numbers 5×5 points, I’ve heard or read where you almost single players out solely for there 5X5 contribution on ice, both Seguin and Hall are better then Benn. actually there the two best in the league.

    2) A lot of points Benn get come 5×4, not that it matters to me, you score you score but 5×5 is better.

    3) Hall is shooting more this year, his shooting % is around 12% IIRC . Now, I’ve heard you talk about Draisaitl shouting percentage which is around 18-20 %…..Well Benn is at 20% when his mean is around 12.5 %

    All things considered, I think Hall belongs right where he is around the 3rd to 4th best player in the league right now.


    1. Benn’s career average is 13.5 so, yeah, he’ll likely slow down in goal scoring.

      Top 10 in P/60 5V5:

      Mike Hoffman – 3.17

      Jamie Benn – 3.07

      Taylor Hall – 3.04

      Tyler Seguin – 3.03

      Patrick Kane – 2.87

      Vladimir Tarasenko – 2.83

      Blake Wheeler – 2.76

      Bobby Ryan – 2.71

      Janni Hansen – 2.57

      Daniel Sedin – 2.56

      As you can see, Benn scores just fine at evens.

      And, as I mentioned earlier, many of Hall’s early season points came from Draisaitl’s unsustainable shooting percentage which is now dropping like a stone…now 16.7% down from over 30%.

      You’ll notice that several players, Tarasenko, Karlsson, Gaudreau, Pavelski have closed the gap on Hall in the scoring race and I expect he’ll be in tough to stay in the top 10 as the season progresses.


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