Oops…I Did it Again…and Again



Just a quick note on a busy Friday regarding news that the Edmonton Oilers have signed Rob Klinkhammer and Ryan Hamilton to one year contract extensions.


Was there some doubt that other teams would be beating down the doors to try and swoop in and snatch these players from the Oilers grasp in the offseason?

I’d wager, with the likelihood that the salary cap next season could be flat…or worse…there is going to be a flood of pretty good hockey players hitting the open market as teams in cap trouble…and there will be more than a few…will be jettisoning players like passengers on the Titanic.

To me, a wise approach right now and into the offseason is to leave as much cap space and contract positions (50 is the limit) open to maximize flexibility of picking up better players in the aftermath of Capageddon ®.

Obviously the Oilers don’t see it that way.



4 thoughts on “Oops…I Did it Again…and Again

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if MacTavish was able to aquire players that would actually make a difference rather than spending roster space, money and often assets to obtain and keep players that can be found on waivers? Dubnyk for Hendricks, Perron for Klinkhammer and a late first and a pair of used hockey socks for Nikitin were all terrible deals. The Oilers, unlike Calgary, will not be able to take advantage of available players because of all of their toxic contracts. A 29th place team with cap issues. Great management!
    Look at how Atlanta was able to take advantage of Chicago’s cap difficulties and get Dustin Byfuglien and Andrew Ladd.
    Spector says that Petry will not sign a new deal with the Oilers. After being lowballed for this year’s contract, healthy scratched and then told he was being traded until the last few days, I wonder why?
    Dubnyk has publicly stated that he felt that the Oilers had no confidence in him. A big part of this was MacTavish’s, “If you have to ask the question, you already know the answer.” 5-0 against the Oilers this year. Karma!


  2. MacTavish is all hat and no cattle…just like his coaching hire.

    Being articulate doesn’t mean you are intelligent.

    Jim Benning sounds like a hillbilly but I’d wager huge amounts that he is a better GM than MacTavish.


    1. In the latest Hockey News there are actually two articles that give some perspective on the amount of time and effort it takes to be an N.H.L. general manager. Martin Brodeur has an article where he talks about how it will take years to gain knowledge of the management side of hockey. An article about Ron Francis states that in his first year in management, his salary was $35 000 because Rutherford wanted him to realize that he was in a whole new world. He also discusses the many areas he needed to gain knowledge of to become a G.M.

      Now if we could just forget the article comparing Kessel to Crosby…. (The biggest difference is that Crosby has a better supporting cast…

      It was a huge mistake to make MacTavish G.M. without any hockey management experience. Even so,there would be some hope if he showed any evidence of being capable of learning from his mistakes. It seems that even this is beyond him.

      Is there a worse G.M. in the league now than MacTavish ? We can’t even point and laugh at Garth Snow anymore.


      1. A couple of quotes from MacT yesterday really show how out of touch he is:

        “We’re at the point where we’re going to stay the course,” MacTavish said. “I’m happy with the progress of Taylor (Hall), Nuge (Nugent-Hopkins) and Ebs (Jordan Eberle) as a line that’s getting more and more dominant, night-in and night-out.”

        I would be curious what his definition of “dominant” is.
        Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is currently ranked 41st among NHL centres with a paltry 36 points.

        Jordan Eberle is 14th among RW’s but is on pace for a 20 goal season.

        Taylor Hall was on pace for a 58 point season being going down.

        Hardly dominant…barely competitive in the WC.

        He then goes on to say:

        “We’ve got to show them loyalty. You don’t trade your way out of this. For us, at the stage we’re at in terms of our development, maybe you fill a hole (trading) one of those guys, but you open up a much bigger one.”

        MacT might want to take a look at how Dean Lombardi built a cup champ…trading for Jeff Carter, Marian Gaborik, Justin Williams, Jarett Stoll, Matt Greene, Robin Regher and Mike Richards.

        It appears he’s just going to stay the course and hope draft after draft suddenly turns the team’s fortunes around.

        If only it were that easy.


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