Oops…I Did it Again…and Again



Just a quick note on a busy Friday regarding news that the Edmonton Oilers have signed Rob Klinkhammer and Ryan Hamilton to one year contract extensions.


Was there some doubt that other teams would be beating down the doors to try and swoop in and snatch these players from the Oilers grasp in the offseason?

I’d wager, with the likelihood that the salary cap next season could be flat…or worse…there is going to be a flood of pretty good hockey players hitting the open market as teams in cap trouble…and there will be more than a few…will be jettisoning players like passengers on the Titanic.

To me, a wise approach right now and into the offseason is to leave as much cap space and contract positions (50 is the limit) open to maximize flexibility of picking up better players in the aftermath of Capageddon ®.

Obviously the Oilers don’t see it that way.