The Puppet Master



There are still scores of apologists who want you to believe that Kevin Lowe has recused himself from day to day decisions regarding the hopeless, hapless Edmonton Oilers.

That, as I’ve maintained for years, is a pile of horse puckies.

Over the last 10 days, Lowe has been spotted scouting several OHL games and has also been in the building while the Oilers are playing.

That’s very unusual behaviour for someone who is “hands off” in day to day decision making.

In fact, as I’ve said many times, nothing happens with the Oilers without Lowe’s stamp of approval…NOTHING.

Lowe’s fingerprints are all over the current team and its futility, just as they have been for the past 9 years of incompetence.

The latest word from the agent representing the Oilers best defenseman, Jeff Petry, is that the Oilers have not made even cursory attempts to negotiate a contract with Petry’s camp and Lowe/MacTavish are bound and determined to watch him walk away for peanuts to nothing at all.

Bumping Lowe up to POHO was nothing more than a PR stunt to take the heat off him while he is allowed to continue his sorry record of cronyism and incompetence.

Bringing in Bob Nicholson to conduct “a forensic audit” of the organization was just an effort to provide Lowe with another layer of insulation from the real world.

I would imagine, after another sad, sad season there will be a bloodletting of some members of the staff (likely the scouting staff…for good reason) but the man who hired and nurtured that group of failures and also hired Tambellini, McTavish, Eakins and the lame duck Todd Nelson will carry on with his vision of “what it takes to win…if ever there was a doubt about that”.

What a circus.




2 thoughts on “The Puppet Master

  1. What a circus describes the situation perfectly. All visual evidence shows Lowe hovering whenever a decision is made. (See amateur draft table and Oil Change episodes) What kind of good boss micromanages the way he obviously does?
    As bad as amateur scouting has been, I really wonder if the real problem is the management directed philosophy. Taking Mitch Moroz ahead of much more talented players because “we didn’t think he’d be there when we picked next” strikes me as a president and/or gm dictating looking for a Lucic clone and falling in love with a cheap imitation. Loading up on players who shouldn’t have been drafted but are headed to college because “we don’t have to make a decision for four years” is a(n incomprehensible) management decision.
    In my opinion, the pro scouting situation is even worse than the amateur scouting. The terrible players that have been brought in is ridiculous. The bullets that have been dodged (eg. Clarkson, who is now being regularly scratched in TO) would have made an even bigger clown show. (if possible)
    With the SMITR not even trying to negotiate a new contract with their obviously best defenceman, (even though in January he publicly stated that he would be open to talks) the infinite rebuild will continue until further notice.


    1. I expect you’re bang on about Lowe being over involved in the draft and, I might add, I think Daryl Katz also plays a much more active role than he should.

      You can begin to appreciate why the Oilers keep up their nepotism….who else would accept the job under those conditions?


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