Evander Kane


The interwebs are buzzing today with word that the Winnipeg Jets may have seen enough of the Evander Kane Show.

***Breaking*** Sportsnet is reporting that Kane didn’t show up for the Vancouver game after an altercation with team mates:

Multiple sources familiar with the situation have since indicated that Kane was not on the team’s bus to Rogers Arena and then missed a pre-game meeting. Repeated attempts to reach him were unsuccessful until approximately an hour before puck drop, when Kane answered his cellphone and said he wouldn’t be playing against the Canucks that night.

Earlier in the day, the 23-year-old winger is said to have had a run-in with teammates.

Kane wore a track suit when the Jets players gathered that morning — a violation of team policy. Following a brief workout and stretch, Byfuglien is said to have thrown those clothes into the shower to send a message to his teammate, according to sources.

That was the last the Winnipeg players saw of Kane until the team’s charter flight home

Apparently Kane showed up for a team meeting dressed in sweats, violating the teams dress code and Kane was scratched in that night’s game in Vancouver despite him having flown in friends and relatives to watch him play in his hometown. And, he was also a no show at this mornings Jets’ practise.

One would think Kane is very aware of the consequences of his actions so it’s possible he was trying to force management’s hand.

Kane has been playing mainly on the Jets’ 3rd line this season and has 10G and 22P in only 37GP so he is still producing at a pretty good rate but he has made it pretty clear over the past couple of seasons that he doesn’t like playing in Winnipeg and has a couple of times expressed a desire to play in his hometown of Vancouver.

Scott Cullen has an analysis of Kane’s Production here.

That raises the question of whether or not the Canucks, or any other team, are willing to take a gamble on the problem child.

Kane would be a perfect fit as the Canucks 2 LW but it’s unknown if the Canucks would be willing to move the assets needed to acquire him.

Kane brings size, speed and youth…exactly what GM Jim Benning has been saying the Canucks need but I’m not sure they have the desire to babysit another Cody Hodgson.

If the Canucks were to make a move on Kane, it would likely require them to make a package deal…perhaps Eddie Lack, Jannik Hansen, Zack Kassian and a pick or prospect.

Another team that has the cap space and assets to put in a strong bid for Kane is the Calgary Flames.

The Flames are loaded at centre, a Jets’ weakness, and also have a very strong prospect pool they could dangle.

Another team that comes to mind that might also entertain a multi player deal is the Colorado Avalanche. The Av’s sorely need defensemen and Winnipeg is stacked at that position. Maybe a deal involving Ryan O’Reilly and another piece for Kane and a D might work.

I would imagine 29 other GM’s are thinking about Kane today but there are only a few teams with the cap space to make it work unless major salary goes the other way…but according to Sportsnet, the asking price for Kane may have gone down in the wake of this latest episode.

Jets management is scheduled to meet media on Friday to address things but I would wager Kane won’t be a Jet for very much longer.

The question is…will the Jets regret moving Kane as much as the Bruins do after moving Tyler Seguin?


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