Johnny Cocky


In a fit of (envious) pique, a poster over at Lowetide has labelled Johnny Gaudreau.

Seems a little bitter to me considering Gaudreau’s stellar performance this season.

It should be recalled that Gaudreau went pointless in his first 5 games as he adjusted to the pace of the NHL and then was healthy scratched for one game to help him find his bearings.

In the 42 games since then, he has produced 15 goals and 37 points which, if that his expected level of production, would extrapolate to 29 goals and 72 points over 82 games.

Those numbers aren’t quite as good as Taylor Hall’s best NHL season , 27 goals and 80 points but let’s remember that JG is a rookie and was a 4th round pick not 1st overall.

Gaudreau, of course, is almost 18 months younger than Hall and averages only 16:58 of ice time/game while Hall is at 19:41.

That leads us the take a closer look at their even strength production…

Gaudreau is ranked 8th in the NHL among LW’s at 2.37 P/60 5V5.

Hall is ranked 24th at 1.93.

It’s also not close 5V4 where Gaudreau is well ahead at 3.97 P/60 5V4 while Hall is at a mere 2.69.

Now, Hall has been affected by injury (who could have seen that coming?) but wasn’t it the diminutive Gaudreau that was supposed to be fragile?

Not so far.

As for the insinuation that Gaudreau is cocky, I can only say that all it takes is watching one interview with the kid to see that he is a very humble, team oriented player while I don’t think you would use either of those adjectives to describe Hall.

It really is too bad that fans can’t appreciate a special player on another team rather than resort to trashing them.

It’ll be worth watching to see how Oiler fans react if the kid lights up their team.







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