Taylor Hall



Taylor Hall is going to become a polarizing figure amongst Oiler fans.

Lowetide, bless his heart, continues to call him “Chance” but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Coach Todd Nelson told us that Taylor Hall is ‘day to day with a bone bruise’ and that’s good news for Oilers fans. Whatever else you think about Taylor Hall (I’ve found a wide range of opinions on this player, which is baffling), arguing the team is better without him is insane. I can’t imagine he’ll pass on the Buffalo game unless they put him in a straitjacket so will assume we’ll see Chance tomorrow.

Hall is currently ranked 55th in the NHL in SOG.

If your “chance machine” isn’t in the top 30, you’re done.

For example, Tyler Seguin has 193 SOG…Hall has 123.

Over a full season, that’s a difference of  337 – 219.

If shooting percentages are roughly equal…well you know how this will turn out.

So, I think there are a couple of items we can look at when assessing what’s going on here.

When the Taylor/Tyler debate was raging, there were more than a few of us (me included)  who thought Hall’s reckless style of play would lead to injury.

It has…in spades.

Seguin has already played 43 more games  than Hall and has more goals (121-103) and more points (258-254) than Hall.

There’s no reason to believe that will change anytime soon.

The other issue is Hall’s style of play.

His early success was based on his outside speed and it would appear that a combination of his injuries and the oppositions’ knowledge of how to defend him has rendered that advantage pretty much null and void.

Hall is currently ranked 103rd in 5V5/60 at 1.93 (Seguin is at 2.88)

If that’s your best player…no way, no chance.

If Hall is going to have value he is going to have to stay healthy and re-invent his game.

I wouldn’t count on either.








5 thoughts on “Taylor Hall

  1. After Eakins was fired, both Gary Lawless and Darren Dreger reported that Taylor Hall was unwilling to change his game. I would interpret this to be that Taylor Hall is uncoachable. This would match what I see on the ice. It would seem that being benched by Lindy Ruff at the world championships was justified, not completely unfair, as many Hall apologists loudly proclaimed. Obviously, Hall learned nothing from that. Teams understand his one dimensional game and it is easily countered. He has not been 100% lately, but even earlier in the year his production was falling. To expect a huge upswing at this point is unlikely and to expect that he will be a leader of a competitive team in the future is fantasy. Earlier this year, I asked Lowetide why he thought the leadership of this team should be given to the “young core” as I had seen no evidence of leadership from them. To his credit, he did not disagree, but his point was if they weren’t going to be leaders, the rebuild had failed, so you might as well find out now. Rebuild final grade, F.


    1. Yep….not a word wrong.

      And, yes, the rebuild has failed.

      A team of first round picks, tight to the cap with a bevy of bad contracts is about as bad as it gets.

      Calgary, Arizona ans even Buffalo are much better positioned to move forward .


  2. I’ve said it here many times already, I’m not sure how I feel about Hall?

    Some games you can see that dominate player. A lot of time, actually most games you see a player going through the motions.

    I don’t know if the losing has caught up to the player?

    I don’t know if it’s Injuries and he just can’t do what he needs to?

    As I said, maybe he’s completly disinterested? (this would be unacceptable in my eyes).

    I am of the opinion the Oilers need to start fixing this team and trading Hall could really get this team out of the abyss.

    funny, I also have no confidence that MacTavish could pull of a trade like this though.


  3. Past injuries are not generally a predictor of future problems. For example, see Justin Williams. Would anybody not have wanted him, rather than Pattie O’Lanterns and a second round pick turned into Ales Kotalik in return for Erik Cole? However, knees are a different situation. I know from experience that as soon as you brace a knee, speed and mobility go down. He reportedly now has braces on both knees. He does not have the size and dynamic balance (he falls down a lot) to be a power forward. He does not have the tactical awareness to be an elite skill player. He can look very good against slow defencemen or teams with poor back pressure, but good players and good teams shut him down. As DCB stated, injuries are catching up on him already and without speed, Taylor Hall is average.
    Motivation also seems to be an issue, both with him and Eberle. Continual losing sucks, but they are handsomely paid to be professional. Ference’s comments about being professional were seemingly aimed at them, judging from Hall’s twitter response. Rather than being part of the solution, they appear to be the center of the problem.
    We obviously do not have access to the dressing room and the MSM are not interested in enlightening us (probably because the team management would be vindictive), but putting letters on Hall and Eberle appears to have completely backfired. It has not developed leadership, but has reinforced and enhanced entitlement.
    Despite what some people think, trading players who are considered high end but who do not fit your needs is not always a loss. Boston made out like bandits by trading Phil Kessel and Columbus got better after trading Nash and fixing their goaltending. However, I have no faith that the Oilers have any ability to break even on a trade, much less winning one. Getting Perron appears to be the equivalent of a monkey typing Shakespeare and MacTavish made sure that he moved him for a mediocre return.


    1. Excellent post.

      I agree in spades with your final thoughts on moving players who don’t serve the greatest good.

      IMO, moving Hall is likely the only way the Oilers will get a top pairing D (outside of the draft) and, under the circumstances, waiting 3-5 years for a draft pick to become an impact player pretty much sewers the rebuild in any event.

      Now, the problem is, if Hall continues to struggle, his trade value will keep trending down getting what you need for him could prove to be difficult.


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