The Strange Case of Cap Geek

has permanently ceased operations.

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Cap Geek founder Matthew Wuest stunned the hockey stats crowd a few weeks back when he announced he would be taking his incredibly popular (and, one would assume, valuable) website permanently dark.
Effective immediately, Jan. 3, 2015, has permanently ceased operations. This sudden decision is made with a heavy heart and is due to the personal health of founder and director Matthew Wuest. While this decision may raise many questions, it is requested that you respect Matthew’s privacy and wish for no media or purchase inquiries. Thank you for your co-operation and understanding at this difficult time.
I thought it odd at the the time that Wuest wasn’t taking financial offers for his site since it was generating huge traffic and would certainly have been an attractive property to any number of organizations.
Now, there’s word this morning from Elliote Friedam in his weekly 30 thoughts, that the NHL is about to launch a new and improved stats experience on

NHL COO John Collins said last weekend we will see an overhaul of beginning next month. It is the first of several phases intended to make the website a much more comprehensive place.

The plans are ambitious, from enhanced stats (Corsi, Fenwick, PDO) to a cleaner look to greater interactivity. The intention is also to make it easier to compare players, not only today, but era to era.

All this comes a few weeks after the NHL announced changes to the way it will allow 3rd parties to access and use stats gleaned from

Without wanting to appear heavy-handed, it wouldn’t surprise me if the NHL has quietly sent out a few cease and desist letters to individuals and companies that had been using proprietary information to turn a profit.

Which brings me back to Cap Geek….while I certainly have no inside information and we will likely never know with any certainty, I think the NHL changes in policy that, effectively, brought all that data back under NHL control may have played a role in the demise of the site.



2 thoughts on “The Strange Case of Cap Geek

  1. The salary and contract data on CapGeek has never, with a few exceptions, been made public. My theory is he had a source inside NHL HQ who provided him with the contract information. Any potential buyer of the site would want the access to the information to be part of the deal. He couldn’t sell the site without exposing his source to some degree, which was not something he was prepared to do.


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