Oops…I Did It Again!




I was going to post the video of this song but, after watching about 20 seconds of it, I decided it was too painful.

But the song remains the same in so, so many ways.

The Edmonton Oilers, “apparently” dissatisfied with their drafting development, have “apparently” put former Oil Kings GM Bob Green in charge of the process.

Now, you’ll get no argument from me that the Oilers amateur and professional scouting and their development of prospects has been beyond horrible…I’ve been saying it for years while the fanboys have been touting Stu MacGregor as some kind of “Magnificent Bastard”

Lowetide, I believe, was the individual who coined the moniker and today even he issued a mea culpa.

No idea, but this can’t be a good time for MacGregor or the organization’s scouts. In the early days of his time as scouting director, this blog and its author helped coin his nickname and promote MacGregor a great deal. As with many things in life, much of that initial verbal has been used on twitter and in other forums as ammunition to discredit or mock MacGregor for the job he’s done as Oilers scouting director. For my involvement in same, or any discomfort he may have felt due to my words, I offer my sincere apologies to him.

It was never my intent to contribute in such a way.

It’s just swell that Lowetide owned up to his reading the tea leaves very, very wrong and ignoring his own admonition that it takes 5 years to judge a draft.

But that doesn’t mean a thing going forward.

Here’s a few questions that need to be answered in the wake of Bob Green’s ascendancy to the head of player development:

1) Does Green have any NHL experience in drafting and developing players?

2) Are there any other individuals now working in the NHL that do have that experience?

3) Did the Oilers do a thorough search to find the best person for the job?

4) Was Green hired for the position because he is a known quantity to Lowe and McTavish?

5) Is that really a good idea?

6) Does having a rookie GM, a rookie head coach and a rookie head of player development strike anyone as a good idea?

Now, I have nothing against Bob Green and he may work out but the Oilers are not in a position where they can take chances on maybes.

What they should have done is remove the individual who is currently in charge of the duties that Green will be performing and held an open, thorough search for his replacement.

But, as we’ve seen over and over again, that’s not the Oiler way.




3 thoughts on “Oops…I Did It Again!

  1. ‘A’ level talent hires ‘A’ level talent, while ‘B’ talent hires ‘C’ talent out of fear that thier subordinates will outshine them. The Oilers remind me of a struggling company that is stuck in a cycle of hiring B and C level talent.

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    1. Excellent analysis.

      A confidant CEO will surround himself with the best talent available and let them do their jobs.

      The Oilers do, and always have, hire people who won’t threaten the status quo.

      Green is just one example of many.


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