Long Gone Perron

One of the happiest people on the planet today has to be David Perron.


Perron, as you are probably aware, was traded to the Penguins for utility forward Rob Klinkhammer who is UFA at the end of the year and Pittsburgh’s 1st round pick in this year’s draft.

Here are a few reactions to the deal:

The biggest issue I have in this trade is that it came after a period where the Oilers played Perron on the 3rd line and devalued him. It’s what they always do,

The return, considering Klinkhammer is nothing more than a player who could be picked off the waiver wire almost anytime, is a pick that likely will have no impact on the Oilers for 3-5 years.

If they use the pick as part of a bigger deal to get an actual NHL player, fine. But, of course, they could also have packaged Perron with, say, Petry, and likely have done much better.

From the Penguin’s point of view, they got exactly what they needed and Perron should thrive playing with either Crosby or Malkin.

If you look at this from the perspective of the process by which this trade eventually occurs, you see that St. Louis conducted a salary dump and got an opportunity to see if Paajarvi is an NHL player (he isn’t) but got Ivan Barbashev (who is tearing up the QMJHL at an almost 2PPG pace) as a consolation prize.

The Penguins got a scoring winger in his prime for a late 1st round pick.

And the Oilers turned a 10th overall pick and a 33rd overall pick into a late 1st round pick.

That’s not performance folks.

A couple more reaction pieces.

First from Alan Muir of Sports Illustrated:

Perron, as they say in the business, is an interesting guy. Blessed with decent size (6-feet, 200 pounds), quick feet and some of the best puck skills in the league, he excels at creating chances off the rush.

The problem is that he has never quite lived up to expectations. He’s a player who will find his way onto the highlight reel several times a year, but who doesn’t finish with the consistency he should given his spectacular array of tools.

Part of that can be attributed to his situation, especially during the past two seasons when he’s been weighed down with a series of spare linemates on team drowning under the weight of its own incompetence.

That won’t be a problem with the Penguins. Perron will likely line up alongside Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin on a team that’s challenging for the Eastern Conference lead. Wherever he’s slotted, Perron will get his first real chance to play with an elite center and it’s easy to imagine that he could thrive in five-on-five situations. He’s also likely to be given quality minutes on a power play that has dominated for much of the season, but which has fallen on hard times of late, scoring just once in its last 24 chances.

Even at the cost of a first-rounder, this has the look of a smart deal for a Pittsburgh team that’s in win-now mode.

It’s tough to make the same claim for the Oilers. The subtraction of Perron and addition of Klinkhammer will mean nothing to Edmonton’s season beyond another loss or two in what will seem like a never-ending string of defeats. You have to wonder, though, why the Oilers settled for a first-rounder when the Penguins are neck deep in the very thing that Edmonton needs most: young, mobile defensive prospects.

Then from Jim Matheson at the Edmonton Journal who talks about the rebuild that goes on and on and on:

Hockey trades always come with branches and a tree, so to recap the Edmonton Oilers now have a first-round draft pick in 2015 and Rob Klinkhammer, a fourth-line forward, for Magnus Paajarvi and a second-round pick in 2014 (St. Louis took Russian forward Ivan Barbashev, playing in the world junior as we speak). David Perron was the focal piece in both deals. You following that?
The Oilers got Perron for Paajarvi, now in the minors, and that second-rounder (a very good prospect Barbashev, who plays in Moncton) in the summer of 2013 and they’ve now used Perron to get an extra first-rounder this June, in a very deep draft, and before you get squeamish about the Oilers’ draft scouting record, they do a pretty good job in the first round give or take Nail Yakupov who has nine points today,in his third year in the league.


9 thoughts on “Long Gone Perron

  1. Play Perron with centres who should not be in the show. ( I wonder how the golden children would have done under those circumstances?) Then, after completely devaluing the asset, he is traded for a coke machine and a 15% chance that in 5 years there will be a useful player. The endless rebuild continues. This is what you get with TSMITR.


  2. You summed it up perfectly. Shocked so many people are defending this trade, really, over on the other site. Happy new year. Sorry I’ve been away. Been dealing with some personal stuff and came down to one place to vent! ha ha. Promise to be more frequently here in 2015 because I do enjoy it.

    That said, Muir is a little off, as he usually is. Friedman said the Pens were not going to give up one of their blue chip D, (Pouliot, Maatta) and the next level of D prospect the Pens have are all LHD. Same as Klefbom, Nurse, Marincin (soon to be Hanifin also?). That aspect didn’t line up so much, although you can never have enough D, I guess.


  3. Obvious from MacTavish’s comments that there is no part 2 trade imminent. The Oilers are less talented and even easier to play against than they were before this trade. Absolutely no strategic planning. It’s like a drunk guy trying to navigate his sister-in-law’s house in the dark.


      1. That, I agree with. The plan now seems to be rebuild 4.0. Again. How these guys are still allowed to be here and make trades like this one is beyond me.


      2. Nope, they tend to stand around watching then react way to late, (Tambellini did the same thing) part two, is they try to do what worked in the past.

        I’m happy for Perron, he’s the one player in this mess who looked like he gave a shit! had the balls to stand up and identify that it’s not just the players.

        Good for him, every Oiler that leaves this mess is going to be better off for it.

        I honestly hope he score 35 playing with Crosby or Malkin instead of fucking Arcobello.


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