Taylor Hall is a problem. Seriously.

While he’s not the only problem, once Katz comes out of the ether and fires the entire Lowe/MacT regime, the first place to look for change is the “face of the franchise”.

The Oilers were totally outclassed by the Flames on Saturday night.


  1. The league needs to step in and take that draft pick away.

    As an Oiler fan I am disgusted, as a fan of the game I’m embarrassed.

    I consider MacTavish to be the worst GM this team has ever had.

    He’s absolutly destroyed the soul of this team………again.

And to all a good night.


12 thoughts on “Really?

  1. I appoligize, but this team is a fucking joke!

    The league needs to step in here and do something drastic, as a fan of this team I’m disgusted, as a fan of the game I’m embarrassed!!

    Fucking Schultz and Hunt belong back in the AHL…..Good Lord!


  2. I was going to ask this question regarding Eakins after the first MacT press conferance where he got the vote of confidence from the GM, but it applies here too. Considering this team is worse than it was last year and doesn’t appear to have hit bottom yet, how much longer can this go on?

    Something has to give here. Whether KLowe resigns or Taylor Hall demands a trade, something is going to happen.

    I’m curious to know what other readers think.


    1. I really needed to digest everything I took in last night.

      I honestly don’t know when and if Katz will step in?

      I think Katz himself is somehow joined at the hip in this mess, his name (Katz) is out there with over ruling some of the decisions made on this team (Yakupov) for instance.

      The real question is how long does Nicholson allow this to continue and ruin his reputation as being a very good hockey man himself.

      I don’t think MacTavish, Howson, and Lowe make it past the All Star game, the one culture that has remained constant is the culture of these men, if the Oiler want to make a culture change this is where you start.

      If Nicholson does make a move there needs to be time enough to prepare for the Entry draft and UFA season.

      However, Like I said, if nothing changes, then I still think the league steps in.


      1. I believe the league has already stepped in once…and that’s why Eakins was fired only 10 days after MacT gave him a vote of confidence.

        Obviously, nothing much has changed so, if things are even bleaker a month from now and they will be, another call from Bettman may get their attention.


  3. The only question left is whether this is the worst non-expansion team in the history of the league. I think they have a very good chance. It is a travesty that they will be rewarded for such willful incompetence at the draft.


    1. Some good info I found in a Globe and Mail story:

      “Since the 2004-05 lockout, which brought in the last collective bargaining agreement and a salary cap, the worst a team has ever finished in those eight seasons is the 2006-07 Philadelphia Flyers.

      They won only 22 of 82 games, with a 22-48-12 record that gave them 56 points.

      Only two other teams have ever finished with fewer than 60 points in a full season: The 2005-06 Pittsburgh Penguins (58 points) and St. Louis Blues (57 points).”

      The Oilers are on pace 15 wins and 47 points.

      Buffalo was dreadful last season but finished with 21 wins and 52 points.


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