A Lump of Coal

lump of coal ribbon


It’s a little quiet around the house for Christmas this year. Mrs. Bouncings’ parents will be over for Christmas dinner and #1 son and the grand babies will be over from Vancouver to bring in the new year while #2 son jets off to Cuba for a much deserved break, so I have a little time on my hands to reflect on Christmas past.

There a bit of melancholy when all of your family isn’t here on Christmas day but time and distance happen to almost every family I guess but I am reminded that one of the most precious gifts given and received under the tree were Oilers’ gear and game tickets.

The boys’ eyes would light up when they knew they would be going to “the game” with Dad (I was mainly in charge of fetching snacks) and they proudly wore their new jerseys and toques.

I imagine there are still families in Alberta whose holidays pivot around Oilers’ hockey but it also seems to me those numbers are dropping like Oilers” jerseys at the end of another listless performance. (4 were tossed last night but that doesn’t even get much of a mention anymore) and is just sad.

I wonder if Kevin Lowe and Craig MacTavish are aware of, or even care about, all the hopes and dreams they are crushing among a generation of young hockey fans and how they are pissing away the goodwill of the most loyal fan base in the game?

The current edition of the Oilers is on pace to easily be the worst Oiler team ever and that includes the expansion team that moved from the WHA to the NHL. It’s really, really hard to be that bad and should be almost impossible given how many top 10 draft picks the team has had…but here we are.

I imagine all is happy and gay at the Lowe/MacTavish homes this holiday season but I really hope, for the sake of all those young fans out there, that they take some time over the holidays to look in the mirror, reflect and do the honourable thing.

Merry Christmas!






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