Snap Shots



1) Tyler Seguin in beast mode in Edmonton with 2G 1A. Now on pace for 64 goals and 107 points. Oh, and he had NINE shots on goal.

2) Kyle Wellwood Sam Gagner  Jakub Voracek is one point ahead of Seguin for the NHL scoring lead with 43 points in 33 GP. Don’t mention the war… or Logan Couture.

3) Jarome Iginla is a bust in Colorado…right? Did you know Iginla, with a $5.3 million dollar cap hit, has 21 points, one more than Jordan Eberle who has a $6 million cap hit.

4) I see the venerable Lowetide has come around to thinking the way a few of us have for years:

Oilers have to do something about their goalie. Question: Do they make that move now? At this rate they can keep this team down in the standings and stay in the 29-30 slots. I mean, we’re basically halfway through the season.

I’d agree to that but they have to fire management.

What took you so long buddy?

5) The Edmonton Oilers are on pace for a -101 goal differential.

6) It looks like the race for the basement is now down to 3 teams. The Buffalo Sabres just picked up another point in OT and now have 29 while Carolina, Arizona and Edmonton are all within 5 points of one another. If Arizona conducts a fire sale in the new year, as expected, I’d wager they finish 30th and the NHL will “manage” the lottery so that the Oilers pick 3rd.

7)  The Calgary Flames have dropped (no surprise) to 3 points out out of  a wildcard spot. But don’t count them out just yet. Brian Burke is sitting on $22 million free cap space ($61 million! at the trade deadline) to make deals with. Would Antoine Vermette, Keith Yandle and another scorer propel the Flames into the playoffs? Maybe. Keep an eye on the Flames…they have the cap space and assets to make major moves.

8) The Minnesota Wild continue to out shoot opponents by a wide margin (an average of almost 6 shots/game) but are still muddling along (4-3-3 in their last 10GP). One wonders why they don’t win more often.

9) What’s up with the Winnipeg Jets? Despite losing FOUR of their top 6 D, they remain competitive and are currently in a playoff spot. Who says coaching doesn’t matter.

10)  The Chicago Blackhawks lead the NHL with a +35 goal differential.The Anaheim Ducks, conversely, lead the NHL with 49 points despite a goal differential of only +5. Can you spell clutch?



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