Taylor vs. Tyler Part XVIII



Eric Duhatschek of the Globe and Mail has a great piece on Tyler Seguin in his Saturday morning column:

Tyler Seguin is off to Edmonton on Saturday morning, and you know what that means: Another round of Tyler-Taylor questions are coming – and these ones will be more pointed than ever, given their current career trajectories.

Tyler Seguin is on the rise. If he were a stock, it would be on the verge of a split. Seguin currently leads the NHL in goals and points, a rare feat in today’s game. Since the NHL introduced the Maurice (Rocket) Richard Trophy in 1999 to reward the NHL’s goal-scoring leader, only one player has managed to win both goal- and point-scoring titles in a single year, and that was Alex Ovechkin in 2008. Before that, you have to go back to 1996 and Mario Lemieux for the last time it happened.


Taylor Hall’s stock, meantime, is flat. In fact, some of the NHL’s so-called insider traders put Hall’s name on the sell list this week, after the Oilers fired coach Dallas Eakins and replaced him, on an interim basis, with the tandem of Craig MacTavish and Todd Nelson. MacTavish is the Oilers’ general manager and after reluctantly removing Eakins he promised a top-to-bottom review of the organization on the grounds that the team’s current struggles reflect a deeper problem than just coaching.

Another ill-informed all day narrative raging over at Lowetide’s place as the Lowetidians try and convince themselves that Taylor Hall is at least as valuable as Tyler Seguin because Seguin isn’t a centre. (never mind that Seguin would be a better winger than Hall).

Here’s a sample of the nonsense:

Hall is a top 10 scorer in the league in the last two years. On par with Seguin.

Hall gets injured this year which affects his play and Seguin starts this year with a 19% shooting %

Wrong time to be comparing players.

– Seguin plays more wing than center

Hall is number 1, 2, or 3 on most LW lists in this league.

-Both guys are franchise players

-Picking Taylor Hall over Seguin is not what ails this team.

How the hell is this the BIGGEST MISTAKE OF THE REBUILD?

First, let’s get the “top scorer” out-of-the-way. There are TWO players in the NHL with 100 goals and 100 assists in the last three seasons. They are Phil Kessel and Tyler Seguin.

Now let’s take a look at whether or not Seguin is a centre.

Seguin doesn’t penalty kill and plays the point of the power play so we should look at even strength faceoffs taken by Dallas Stars centres.

Spezza – 389

Eakin – 375

Fiddler – 324

Seguin – 183

Benn – 124

Now, understand that Spezza normally centres the Stars’ second line although Ruff will occasionally load up the first line.

And, most importantly, understand that Seguin and Benn who are both natural centres, split the face-offs on the 1st line depending on which side of the ice the face-off is taking place.

With those factors taken into account, the combination of face-offs taken between Seguin and Benn is 307.

The thing here folks is that Seguin plays BOTH centre and wing depending on game state and does BOTH very well.

And it’s important to keep in mind that the Stars have EIGHT players on the roster who are accomplished centres (Seguin, Benn, Spezza, Eakin, Horcoff, Garbutt, Fiddler, Sceviour and Morin. That’s right folks…EIGHT. Not surprising that some of them play on the wing. Doesn’t mean they can’t play centre.

As luck would have it, Dallas is playing Calgary as I write this so I’ll update the post after the game.

Ruff has Cody Eakin playing centre with Benn and Seguin. (he has done this recently)

Ruff kept Eakin at centre between Benn and Seguin for the entire game. Eakins was only 38% on face-offs won.



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