Snap Shots



1) Word today that the Edmonton Oilers will not be renewing their minor league affiliation with Oklahoma City. No surprise there as the Barons attendance has been dreadful from day one. With the American Hockey League working on creating a Pacific division, there is some thought that the Oilers may relocate their farm team to Bakersfield to replace the Condors, a team the Oilers already own. But what has been missing from the speculation is that the Oilers also have some connections to the Saskatoon Blades of the WHL. Katz buddy Mike Priestner owns the team and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the destination for the ex-Barons. Saskatoon has a great arena and great fans and remember that former Katz Group mouthpiece Steve Hogle was sent there to manage the team.

Steve Hogle will take over the position of team president in Saskatoon.  He departs the Edmonton Oilers to join the Blades.  He took on a number of different roles with the NHL club.  He was serving the role of vice-president of hockey communications, where he oversaw TV, radio and the club’s website.  Along with that, his duties included game-day presentation, alumni relations and community events.

2) Speaking of the Oilers…they’ve just announced that they won’t allow Leon Draisaitl to participate in the upcoming WJHC. Apparently they believe he is too valuable to the team in its current playoff race. Good Grief!

3) You’ll see a lot of chest thumping on Oiler blog sites that the Oilers have a better Corsi percentage than the Calgary Flames. But, guess what, in the shots that actually matter…you know the ones that hit the net…The Flames are better than the Oilers if ever so slightly. Source

MINNESOTA 32.4 25.9 6.5
CHICAGO 35.0 28.9 6.1
ST LOUIS 31.8 26.9 4.9
NY ISLANDERS 32.1 28.6 3.5
DETROIT 30.9 27.4 3.5
NASHVILLE 31.7 28.3 3.4
WINNIPEG 30.6 27.8 2.8
VANCOUVER 31.2 28.5 2.7
WASHINGTON 30.3 27.8 2.5
TAMPA BAY 29.6 27.2 2.4
CAROLINA 29.8 27.8 2.0
SAN JOSE 31.7 29.9 1.8
ANAHEIM 30.5 28.9 1.6
LOS ANGELES 31.3 29.8 1.5
PITTSBURGH 30.4 29.7 0.7
NY RANGERS 29.7 29.1 0.6
FLORIDA 30.8 30.4 0.4
BOSTON 30.1 29.8 0.3
CALGARY 27.7 28.3 -0.6
EDMONTON 28.5 29.4 -0.9
PHILADELPHIA 29.4 31.2 -1.8
DALLAS 29.6 31.8 -2.2
ARIZONA 29.0 31.5 -2.5
MONTREAL 27.8 30.4 -2.6
TORONTO 30.3 33.8 -3.5
NEW JERSEY 26.5 30.8 -4.3
COLORADO 29.2 34.0 -4.8
OTTAWA 28.8 34.3 -5.5
COLUMBUS 28.0 33.6 -5.6
BUFFALO 23.4 36.0 -12.6

As you can see, Minnesota is severely under performing their shot metrics. Expect them to surge in the new year.

You can also see that shot differential can quickly be sewered by bad goaltending.

4) Much more chatter on the inter webs today that the Oilers couldn’t possible trade the “second best LW in hockey”. That is, of course absolute nonsense. Jamie Benn, Henrik Zetterberg, Rick Nash and Zack Parise, among others, are all much better complete players than Hall. Hall is pretty much a one trick pony and the league has figured out how to defend him.

5) We’re starting to get a lot of talk that, if the Oilers finish 29th or 30th, they will have a lock on drafting either Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel. That is poppycock. The chances of the 29th and 30th teams winning the lottery is, in fact, only 33.5%. Under the new draft lottery rules, there is a 66% chance that another team will win the lottery. Also coming into play is that Eichel has already said he will be returning to college next season so he’s not likely to be a short-term solution for the Oilers or any other team. And, I remain convinced the league “manages” the lottery. The Oilers don’t have a ghost of a chance of picking in the top 2.


One thought on “Snap Shots

  1. Even if they did draft 1st or 2nd, they would be dropping a talented kid onto a deeply flawed roster and expecting him to be the franchise savior. We’ve seen this movie before…

    see Gagne, Eberle, Cogliano, Hall, RNH, Yakupov, Leon D.


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