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When you spend a lot of cash and cap space on the best 3 players on your team, you had better be getting a massive return on your investment or you’re not likely to be very successful.

I thought we would look at the top 3 players (by cap hit) on all the WC teams to see which teams are getting an adequate return on their investment.

Anaheim – Getzlaf, Perry, Kesler:

$23 million cap hit – 35 G 84P

Arizona – OEL, Doan, Yandle:

$16 million cap hit – 17G 51P

Calgary – Hudler, Wideman, Giordano

$13.2 million cap hit – 31G 80P

Chicago – Kane, Toews, Sharp

$18.5 million cap hit – 31G  81P

Colorado – Duchene, O’Reilly, Landeskog

$17.5 million cap hit – 22G 54P

Dallas – Spezza, Seguin, Benn (note Horcoff actually has a slightly higher cap hit than Benn but is only getting paid $3 million this season)

$18. 2 million cap hit – 37G 88P

Edmonton – Eberle, Hall, Hopkins

$18 million cap hit – 22G 56P

Los Angeles – Doughty, Kopitar, Brown

$22.6 million cap hit – 15G 42P

Minnesota – Parise, Suter, Koivu

$21.7 million cap hit – 18G 56P

Nashville – Weber, Neal, Fisher

$17 million cap hit – 19G 42P

San Jose – Thornton, Marleau, Couture

$19.3 million cap hit – 35G 82P

St. Louis – Statsny, Pietrangelo, Steen

Cap hit $19.0 million – 18G  40P

Vancouver – Sedin, Sedin, Vrbata

Cap hit $19 million – 25G 75P

Winnipeg – Enstrom, Wheeler, Kane

Cap hit $16.5 – 15G 44P

Some observations:

  • Anaheim is forking out the most dough but they’re getting full value for it.
  • Calgary is getting HUGE value from their best paid players.
  • The Kane and Toews contract extensions next season are going to whack the Blackhawks.
  • The best “top 3” in this study is Spezza, Seguin, Benn and, if Dallas gets its D together, watch out.
  • Edmonton’s “top 3” are very disappointing.
  • The Kings 3 highest paid players are severely under performing and the standings show it.
  • Nashville’s highest scoring players, Forsberg and Ribiero have a combined cap hit of less than $2 million.
  • Likewise, the Blues’ top 3 scoring forwards, Tarasenko, Schwartz and Lehtera have a combined cap hit of $5 million.

Now a list like this doesn’t indicate which team will have the most success but teams that aren’t getting good value from their best paid players are likely not to have any long-term success.


5 thoughts on “Top 3

  1. If they get a good offer for Hall, they should move him. The depth they get in return will go way further in terms of winning than Hall could do alone.


  2. IMO the Van looks like they got the Ducks on that one. still a little early, but definitely a trade that helped both clubs, I feel Van got much better out of the deal…


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