Why Didn’t the Dog Bark?




The Edmonton Oilers just played a “Statement” game.

They were playing one of the worst team in the National Hockey League. They had just gassed their coach. Their General Manager was behind the bench, and, save for a heroic game from their goaltender, would have lost going away.

They responded with a tepid effort that would lose them a game 19 times out of 20 against a competent, motivated NHL team.

The Arizona Coyotes had 27 shots on goal…in the second period.

Did I mention the Coyotes are one of the worst teams in the league?

This going to get ugly…very, very ugly.


12 thoughts on “Why Didn’t the Dog Bark?

  1. Going to get ugly? I am actually speechless trying to describe the breadth of this disaster. At least we know that the love affair with the Hunt/Norris combo wasn’t primarily Eakins. We were told that Ramsey was a bright hockey mind.


    1. I actually wonder why Ramsay wasn’t given the head coaching reins. He has far more experience that Nelson and wouldn’t need MacT looking over his shoulder.
      Just reinforces the notion that Nelson will be the next fall guy.


      1. I was also surprised that Ramsay was not made the interim head coach. I think McT equates this to a “90 day free trial” of Nelson. As for him being on the bench, it gives him a perfect excuse to get his nose directly into what the major causes of the complete dysfunction are (besides the obvious lack of centres, top end defensemen, goaltending). GMs generally stay away from the dressing room, now he can be right in the middle of it. Unfortunately, even though I believe he is a bright man, I think that his arrogance and stubbornness will not allow him to accept obvious problems that disagree with his view of the team.


      2. No way Ramsay was getting a shot at coaching this team. Since he’s not part of the old boys’ club, he runs the risk of going rogue and actually doing something to get this team a few wins and out of the cellar.

        No, MacT needs someone who he can control. Like a rookie head coach with no NHL experience, who is just happy to finally have an NHL job. While it was certainly deserved, the real reason Eakins was fired was so that the Oilers head office could at least say to all their detractors they are trying to do something to improve the team, all the while making sure the tank job continues full steam ahead under full control of MacT and KBlowe..

        Nelson is nothing more than a patsy who’ll do what he is told and will continue to play the lineup and system MacT tells him to. Nelson probably understands this and is just using this opportunity to finally get a foot in the door and hopefully get a chance at a real head coaching job next season after he is offered as the next sacrifice to appease fan anger.


        1. Yep…pretty much exactly the way I feel about it.

          I’m convinced that what triggered the coaching change was a call from the league demanding that the Oilers not appear to be so obviously tanking.

          Seeing Eakins demeanour yesterday I expect he is merely on a hiatus and will be back with the team in some capacity in the future.

          And the beat goes on.


  2. Well, apparently he’s (Eakins) is not leaving Edmonton?

    I have to agree with a lot of what’s said here.

    We now know the Hunt love in was MacTavish, we can also assume how he feels about Maricin now.
    TOI Schultz is playing was coming from MacTavish, despite what analytics tells us about Schultz the player.

    We also know what MacTavish thinks of analytics now.

    We also know the center issue was always MacTavish, we know he felt that his pick Draisaitl was NHL ready and he’s still sticking by this or Lander or Chipchura would have been added.

    Reinforces two things, he was never that good of a coach or talent assessment and belongs nowhere near the GM’s position.

    How does one get to the bottom of”it” when he’s the “it” ?


    1. Haha…your last sentence pretty much hits the nail on the head.

      I’ve never believed McTavish is as smart as a lot of his long time fans do.

      MacT and Lowe have had more than a decade running this team and it is where it is.

      It really is hopeless until that stench is totally washed away and I’m not sure if or when that will happen.


  3. Eakins seemed pretty philosophical and forgiving about the whole ordeal durring his media appearances. So much so that I wouldn’t be that surprised if he surfaced somewhere else in the organization…


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