First to 20…and First Overall



Scoring goals is the hardest job in hockey and the best goal scorer in the NHL is Tyler Seguin.

Seguin scored 2 goals and one assist Saturday night to take over first place in both the goal scoring (21) and points race (35).

Seguin is now on pace for 63 goals and 106 points and, as you may recall, I forecast before the season began that he would “flirt with 50 goals and 100 points”. (pats self on back again 🙂

He seems poised to shatter my expectations and that raises the Taylor vs. Tyler debate once again.

There are still some Oiler fans who believe drafting Hall ahead of Seguin was a great decision but, let’s be honest…Seguin is blowing the moody, petulant Hall right out of the water.

The conventional wisdom is that it takes 5 seasons to assess a draft and this is the 5th season…game over…game…set…match.

Seguin has more goals (21) than Hall has points (17) and, oh, by the way, Seguin also has 16 assists.

Now, the question is, will Ryan Johansen surpass Hall as the second best player in that draft.

I think he will.




2 thoughts on “First to 20…and First Overall

  1. Agh, my first deadly confrontations with a guy named DSF……..

    I was young, arrogant, thought I knew something about a draft or two!

    Well, here’s the best apology you get bru!

    As Wes Mantooth or Walter Sobshak it didn’t mater I had my picked locked nonsensical.

    When all things are equal, YOU always draft that center!!……I admit that first draft I was all in on Hall based on Championships……..look at our current management and that holds no augwa.

    You sir were bang on!

    Then came Galchenyuk, and I was on board with trading and dropping down two spots along with some cat’s name DSF and Quick

    But the one that made me truly see the light……Musil over Jenner…..WTF!
    I’ll hate on that for life!!


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