Hot Dog!

dancing-hot-dog-cI don’t normally post right after a game as I like to take some time to gather my thoughts.

But, after watching the Oilers lose their 10th straight my thoughts have been fully gathered.

Taylor Hall, almost single handedly, cost his team a game that it desperately needed to win.

His turnovers and lack of discipline were the deciding factors in the game and HE DIDN”T MISS A SHIFT.

I almost always watch the away broadcasts of Oilers games since I feel like upchucking listening to the simpering play by play and “analysis” provided by the Oilers broadcast team so I can tell you the Phoenix broadcast crew was thunderstruck that Hall’s selfish performance didn’t result in an immediate and extended benching.

However, Hall’s performance caught his captain’s eye:

“Floating around expecting another team to lie down because you’re so great? It doesn’t happen.” – Ference.

“We start a period with a power play, you’re looking for some jump. You allow two (SHG) on the same power play? It’s a joke.” – Ference


Ryan Rishaug:

Andrew Ference with some strong criticism of the dressing room. Didn’t name names but called it “a joke” some of what’s happening in there. Ference was referring to certain players having to be convinced to be happy to be in NHL and not moping around feeling sorry for themselves.Says its been addressed countless times in room. Eakins admitted it’s an issue but wouldn’t elaborate at all. Says it’s an internal issue

Anyone who’s been around my opinions long enough would know that I’ve always thought Hall was far less than he seems. He has ALWAYS given up more than he creates and nothing has changed in his 5th season in the league.

Some of you may remember in his draft year that there were reports his head was too big to fit inside a dressing room and it appears those reports may have had some foundation and, unless the team finds some effective way to address the issue. Hall will continue to be a highly skilled liability.

There are those in the Oilers blogging community who still regard Hall as a golden boy…it’ll be interesting to see how they react as this plays out.

Sometimes you have to call a spade a big fucking shovel.

Now, please pass the Seguin….

****A Tuesday Morning Edit****

Ray Ferraro, to mind my, is along with Bob McKenzie and Pierre LeBrun, one of the brightest minds in the hockey analysis biz..

Ferraro was on a Toronto radio station this morning and ripped Kevin Lowe, Stu McGregor (and his draft record). Worth a listen.



8 thoughts on “Hot Dog!

  1. A person in the Oilers dressing room last summer said that management and coaches were very disappointed in the “team core” for their lack of maturity. The one specific name mentioned was Taylor Hall. I think recent comments by Perron and Ference support this. Management made a huge mistake in enabling these behaviours by presenting these players as saviours of the franchise. Look what happened when they went to the World Championships and Hall got benched by a coach who did not have to bow to ownership’s and management’s demands. The player’s response (and his buddies), “You guys are mean to us, so we are not going to come next year.” These players all talk a great game, but when it comes to actually walking the talk, there is nothing. Not competing for the puck, not going to the net, making the Brett Hull glide to the bench when you should be backchecking, trying to dangle one on three at the blueline are things that dedicated, professional players are not continually guilty of.

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  2. Can’t disagree with a word of that.

    The question now is…what do you do about it?

    Do you let the team bleed out…again…or put a bullet in its head and start over.

    To my mind, the Oilers don’t have a lot of choices here…I think they need to entertain offers for Taylor Hall.

    While players like Eberle and Schultz might not like losing their best buddy (but who really gives a shit at this point?), I would imagine Hopkins, who seems to display a little bit more maturity, might actually be helped by the move.

    Tyler Seguin needed a wake up call and Jim Benning gave him one and while Boston likely would like to have him back, the Bruins actually did pretty well in the trade.

    If you can find a team that desperately needs a scoring LW, and is prepared to part with a potential top pairing D, a second line C and a pick, I would pull the trigger RFN.


    1. Exactly. You can’t put out this waste oil fire by pissing on it. RNH never has played better than when Hall was out and, the way Eberle and Schultz are playing, a big wakeup call is the only hope left. Ray Ferarro stated, “Oiler management have to face the fact that this rebuild has failed.” Truer words have never been spoken.


      1. Yep..

        I added to the original post with some comments Ferraro made on a Toronto radio station this morning.

        I also thought RNH looked better without Hall. While I think Eberle Might be salvageable I just don’t think Schultz has the toolkit to become what he originally promised.
        He looks an awful lot like Cam Barker to me.


  3. I love how the MSM and the players themselves continue to say “it’s the players” who have to get them out of this.

    Tambellini & That Pin Head Lowe gave those kids to much too soon.

    Obviously I’m angry. I don’t want the focus to reflect one kids bad season.

    Hall can’t improve until a quality coach comes in and frankly until the GM & POHO are removed.

    This is so much deeper then Hall, he’s just the flavour of the moment.

    Problem is we don’t really know what the issues are, why? Cause the GM and POHO have there thumbs firmly panted up there ass doing nothing.

    The holes at the start of the year a kid who just follows the Oilers could point out that with two NHL centres and two top pairing defencemen & unsure goaltending will leave your team utterly useless.

    Don’t even get me started on that bullshit training camp………playing non NHL players up for what?

    Things have to change you need two top


    1. I agree…and it would be far better if Katz put an embargo on any player transactions until an entire new management structure was in place but I really don’t think he has the resolve to accomplish that.

      If he did, I suspect it would already have happened.

      Maybe Nicholson’s “audit” of the organization will bear some fruit but his public comments would seem he’s fully behind the Lowe/MacT cabal and is actually preaching improving through the draft:

      “We can’t start to just tear everything down,” the former Hockey Canada CEO added. “We have to get a solid plan as we go forward here of how we can get this team to win a Stanley Cup. We’re a long ways from that where our record is today — we all realize that — we just can’t panic here and make major changes unless they’re going to help us in the future.”

      That’s just nuts.

      A team this far into a rebuild that needs “a solid plan” is pooched.


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