The Standings



So, here we are getting close to the quarter pole in the NHL season.

Because of the disparity in games played it’s easy to  miss which teams are actually performing.

Here are the “baseball” standings up to date.

Pittsburgh .781

Montreal .763

St Louis .735

Tampa Bay .722

Anaheim .684

Vancouver  .667

Islanders .647

Calgary .632

Detroit .618

Los Angeles .611

Minnesota .588

Ottawa .588

Chicago .583

Boston .579

Florida .567

Those are your playoffs teams to this point.

Lots of season to go but there are the teams with lottery tickets.

Buffalo .263

Carolina .382

Columbus .382

Edmonton .389

Dallas .444.

Both Carolina and Columbus have been ravaged by multiple injuries early this season so expect them to move away from the bottom.

Buffalo and Edmonton have no excuse except for being absolutely dreadful franchises.





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