Oh, Woodguy!

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* Just a little update for Lowetide poster GVBlackhawk. Please look up and govern yourself accordingly.

You said:

Is this the same fool who thinks that the Wild are better than the Penguins…’and it isn’t close’? Sure didn’t look that way last night.

I’m guessing he didn’t watch last night’s game and is basing his analysis on the final score….all the while ignoring that the Wild outshot the Penguins in every period including a final total of 34-22.

He also likely didn’t notice that the Wild were far ahead in Corsi events by a 63-42 count and in Fenwick 50-32.

Other than that, how was the play Mrs.Lincoln?

Kuemper had a bad night (.857)…it happens.



Esteemed Lowetide poster Woodguy is staring to lose his shit…mostly because everything he thought about the 2014/15 edition of the Edmonton Oilers is WRONG.

To cover his ass, it seems he needs to invoke the ghost of DSF who, let’s face it, has been right about this shit show all along.


My god I’m turning into D.S.F.

This fucking team…..


At some point, Woodguy, who seems like a smart enough fellow, is going to figure out that the Lowe/MacT/Eakins troika knows nothing about how to build a winning hockey team or how to deploy available talent to even be competitive in the National Hockey League.

It should be remembered that the genesis of the “advanced stats” (phooey) movement was in the days that Oiler bloggers who considered them selves Big Brains ® were attempting to prove that Shawn Horcoff was an elite 1st line centre and that Craig McTavish was a really smart guy.

A few years down the road, both of their premises have been proven to be constructed of tissue paper and yet, here they are, thinking that a team that out Corsis a team in any given game is going to be successful despite all the evidence that this approach is horseshit.

The Edmonton Oilers outshot the Flyers 36-25 in their most recent game…a game that the Oilers weren’t even in from the opening whistle. If you don’t have above average goaltending or elite level finishing you can fire all the shots you want on net but they don’t make you a winner.

Another poster over at Lowetide (Clay) probably said it best:


Give it a rest WG. You’re better than resorting to “your argument is invalid because you’re a dummy poo-poo face”. I apologize if I have offended you by not kneeling before the god of fancystats tonight; I just watched a team that I’ve bled for for the past 32 years play their 94th game under their latest head coach and look as pathetic under his “system” as they did in game 1.

Additionally, I don’t believe there’s any need to cat-call me for venting my frustration here. Last I looked, I didn’t need your permission to post, and I also don’t ever belittle you for using advanced stats to explain how the Oilers are “improving”.

Re: Colorado – show me a Colorado fan who actually knew what a Corsi or Corgi or Fenwick was last year, and I’ll show you 10,000 who were highly entertained by watching their “horrible, under-performing, lucky” team make the playoffs.

Re: Flames – the city is buzzing over their team right now. No one cares what the underlying stats are. Even the hardcores who KNOW that their team can’t sustain this pace over 82 games because they’re losing the Corsi battle on a regular basis, are enjoying the SHIT out of the run they’re on.

Hockey is entertainment. Advanced stats (or any stats, really) are fun, sure. But they aren’t the reason anyone watches hockey. It’s about winning. Full stop. We’ve been deprived of that for so freaking long as Oilers fans, that we use advanced stats to try to pick up the faintest of silver linings in all this suckage. We try to convince ourselves that there are good loses now, because our team directed 2% more pucks in the vicinity of the opposition’s net than they did ours. That the good times are right around the corner. Just wait. Just wait. They’re coming.

Do the Flames suck? Damn right. I freaking hate them. It kills me that I can watch their games and be more entertained than watching my own team. And, yes, I fully believe they will finish well back of the playoffs. But, newsflash, so will the Oilers. The big difference is that one team is vastly overachieving and providing very high entertainment value, and one team is underachieving and losing games they could be winning.

If you’re honestly sitting there telling me you prefer the latter over the former, then I don’t know what to say.


Thing is…the Flames don’t suck. All the Oiler “Big Brains” are claiming the Flames are only winning because their goaltending is performing at an unsustainable level. While that is true to some extent, they’re missing the most important factor in the Flames’ success.

The Flames are scoring 2.86 GF/G because their forwards know where the front of the net is and they’re not afraid to go there.

The Oilers, with all their supposed high end talent gleaned from many years of drafting in the top 10, are scoring 2.50 GF/G.

That the Flames are outscoring the Oilers while missing 3 of their top 4 centres should be the subject of a Parliamentary Committee.

The Flames are currently in the 2nd year of their rebuild while the Oilers are, arguably, in year 6.

I’d wager the Flames finish ahead of the Oilers for at least the next 3 years.

Any takers?



4 thoughts on “Oh, Woodguy!

  1. I’ll take that bet.

    To be clear:

    If the Oilers finish ahead of the Flames at the end of any of this or the next two seasons, I win.

    If the Flames finish ahead of the Oilers for all 3 seasons, you win.

    Is that correct?

    If so, what are the stakes?


    1. Changing the bet already.

      Forgive me if i’m not surprised.

      Given that CAL has a 9 point lead with less than 70 games to play, I’ll need odds on this year.

      I’m fine with straight up for the next two years.

      Your 2 bottles to my one for this year. One to one for the next 2 years.



      1. Aren’t you bailing on your opinion that the Oilers are much improved this season and the Flames are just riding the percentages?

        You might also want to check the Flames cap space going forward….a couple of good free agent signings and they will have no trouble staying ahead of the Oilers.

        Better D …better goaltending…better C depth and Johnny Hockey is already out scoring all the Oilers except Hall.

        But I’ll accept your terms.

        Might want to pick up a bottle of Talisker while you’re stateside😜

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