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Another One Bites the Dust

Word this morning that Corey Sznajder, the 23 year old Staszi who has been tracking zone exits and entires for all 1,230 NHL games played last season, has been hired by an NHL team and his long running blog Shutdown Line is about to go dark.

Most probably saw this coming, but I was hired by an NHL team a few days ago and will have to go “dark” on most hockey-related things for next season. This won’t interfere with my current project at all because I’m still allowed to finish it & will have it released very soon. However, my By the Numbers recaps, weekly prospect updates and analytical posts on this blog will be MIA for the next year.

The good news here is that the massive zone exit/entry project he’s been working on over the summer will see the light of day…something I’ve been looking forward to since I believe it will provide much, much more value than the crude “proxies” provided by Corsi and Fenwick.

Thanks to Corey, we’re about to find out who actually drives the bus on NHL teams…I, for one, can’t wait.

The WC Arms Race

The Dallas Stars…my “team to watch” this season…unveiled a lethal weapon last night in their game against the Florida Panthers.

The “Super Power Play” featured all of Jamie Benn, Tyler, Seguin, Jason Spezza, Ales Hemsky and the luckiest guy in the rink,  Trevor Daley.

“It’s those five guys reading off each other,” Ruff said. “It’s not so much laying it on a map and saying, ‘You’re going to be here and you’re going to be there.’  It’s reading what’s open and giving them different looks.  I know that (coach) Curt (Fraser) gave them a different look on the second one with the down-low play and it worked.  They were concerned about Benn in the slot, which opened up a seam for Tyler on the back door.  As long as the work ethic stays strong, the way they move the puck around…that’s going to be a tough unit to deal with.”

Seguin finished with three goals and an assist. Spezza had a goal and two assists. Read More

I expect career years from Seguin and Benn especially now that they have Spezza and Hemsky to share the toughest competition. Watch out.

10 to Watch

The Hockey News has an article up this morning revealing their list of the 10 players to watch this upcoming season.

While the aforementioned Tyler Seguin is on the list, the one that also caught my attention is Nathan Mackinnon. MacKinnon scored 25 goals and 63 points as a rookie (+20).

His P/60 5V5 was 17th among centres in the league last season (60+ GP) at 2.27 which was well clear of any other young centre in the league not named Tyler Seguin (2.84) or Matt Duchene (2.82)

Other young centres who are in the conversation include:

Ryan Johansen (2.22)

Jaden Schwartz (2.21)

Ryan O’Reilly (2.00)

Jeff Skinner (1.98)

Mikael Granlund (1.96)

Nick Bjugstad (1.96)

Considering MacKinnon is the youngest player on the list and just turned 19 a couple of weeks ago, he’ll be well worth keeping an eye on.




4 thoughts on “Hockey Notes

  1. I like the Stars forward corps, but that defense isnt good enough to keep up with the West’s top teams. They should be able to make the playoffs as a 6-8 seed though.
    I do think that Seguin is slightly overrated but he does get to play with the best left winger in the game and one of the overall best players so he should be able to post good numbers yet again.

    This is quickly becoming my favorite blog about the Dallas Stars 🙂


  2. Well, I did say Dallas was my “team to watch this season” 🙂

    I agree about Dallas’ D although Gologoski, Daley, Benn and Dillon look pretty solid.

    Nill is hoping Jamie Oleksiak, Patrick Nemeth,Jyrki Jokipakka and/or John Klingberg are ready to step up and I imagine he is keeping a pretty close eye on what’s going to happen with D in Boston and Chicago.

    I have no idea why they didn’t buy out Gonchar and spent that $5M on better, younger D.

    They do have 7 actual NHL centres on the roster though so, if Nill needs to make a trade he certainly has the bullets.

    As for Seguin, I think he’s going to go supernova this season which is saying something considering he finished 4th in NHL scoring last season.

    With the addition of Spezza and Hemsky to take some of the tough match ups and with that PP I think he could flirt with 50 goals and 100 points.

    Not sure how anyone could think he is over rated if does that.

    We’ll see.


  3. I need to have my eyes checked. You’re positive on Hemsky? Ha ha. Joking aside, yes the Stars are going to be a fabulous attacking team.
    And Young MacKinnon is definitely not under the radar. Most everyone I speak to says he’s the best 1st overall since Crosby, and likely the best player to come up, period, since then. In my fantasy pool draft he went very early. Someone who thinks he’s a PPG player this year, or even better. Went well ahead of Hall in a points only league, so there you go.


  4. I’m positive about Hemsky because, for the first time in his career he’s playing with an elite centre.

    If he can stay healthy (a big if) he should have a tremendous year.

    Agree on MacKinnon…the sky is the limit as far as I’m concerned.


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