Taylor vs. Tyler Round 5

Okay kids…this is the proverbial “5th year after the draft” season and this is the season when I believe the Taylor Vs. Tyler debate is going to be settled…and Oiler fans aren’t going to like it much.

Let’s do a bit of a review:

Hall was drafted one spot head of Seguin in the 2010 draft. Those who heeded the axiom that good teams are built down the middle were screaming for the Oilers to draft Seguin while those who thought that having a few more points in junior and was spectacular in a couple of SMALL SAMPLE SIZE tournaments was easily the “best player available”.


As it turned out, Hall was immediately dubbed the Oilers franchise player while Seguin was gifted 3rd line minutes on the Bruins wing as he was brought along slowly.

Under those circumstances Hall was the Hare while Seguin was the Tortoise.

Based on some media reports (likely true) a teenaged Seguin had some discipline issues and was more of a party animal than a veteran team like the Bruins was willing to tolerate while Hall, who is according to some media reports (likely true) also a party animal although, in Edmonton, boys can be boys.

None of which makes much of a difference on the ice unless the player shows up for games and practices too wrung out to play.

As everyone is aware, Seguin was traded to the Dallas Stars in one of the first and most brilliant transactions Jim Nill was able to pull off in the his first minutes on the job as GM in Texas.

Finally, Seguin was in the same featured role that Hall had been gifted since his first minutes in Oiler silks.

Seguin responded with a 37 goal 84 point season, 4th overall in NHL scoring.

(worth noting that Seguin, now playing a feature role, scored 37 goals last season while Hall scored “only” 27.)

Anyone who doesn’t believe that scoring goals is the toughest job in the NHL?

Also worth noting, is that Tyler is a possession darling, even in his days with the Bruins:


And nothing has changed in Dallas:


So let’s fast forward to 2014/15.

Jim Nill, who really is a Magnificent Bastard, managed to acquire the Ottawa Senators top line in exchange for spare parts.

The Stars will be deploying Spezza/Hemsky on their second line creating matchup nightmares for every opposing coach and, considering Spezza/Hemsky know their way around the rink a little bit, the Seguin/Benn pairing is going to be skating down hill all season.


Don’t be surprised if Seguin hits 50 goals and 100 points this coming season and he could challenge Sid for the Hart.

You heard it here first.










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